Building Installation Images

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These steps must be performed in a Seadot environment. You may use a real device running Seadot, a Seadot virtual machine, or the Seadot Chroot Environment.


Get the Build Tools

The Seadot build-tools project is hosted at

You may have to install git first.

zypper install git

Clone the repository with git.

git clone git://

This will create a directory build-tools at your current location.

Update the Build Tools

The build-tools project is under constant development. You should update to the latest version regularly.

cd build-tools
git pull

Build an Image

You may have to install mic first.

zypper install mic

Enter the build-tools directory and invoke the script as root to build an USB disk image.

cd build-tools
./ usb

Alternatively, you can build ISO

./ iso

or a chroot tarball

./ chroot

After the build has finished, you will find the result in the subdirectory mic-output.

Enabling Special Features

The script accepts a comma-separated list of feature keys as second parameter. By default, if you supply no feature keys, the key repo_stable is set, which builds Seadot using the stable repository.

For instance, to build from stage repository, pass the key repo_stage.

./ usb repo_stage

The currently supported feature keys are:

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