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Welcome to the Seadot Project

Welcome to the C.OS (we pronounce and call it Seadot) project! The C in C.OS stands for Community because C.OS is not driven by commercial interests, but by the community of its users and developers. C is also pronounced like Sea, and this fits well since we base our OS on the free Mer Project.


C.OS currently runs best on the WeTab and ExoPC hardware (these tablets are both Pegatron Lucid devices).

But we don’t want to limit C.OS to these. If you have any interesting hardware, please don't hesitate to try Seadot on it and let us know about your experiences.

Related Projects

  • //Enigma aims to become a slick user interface for the Seadot Project and is currently in a pre Alpha state.
  • Qt Project develops the Qt framework we're heavily relying on.
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